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New Update Available!
IoM V 0.08 (Season 1) available!
The first full season of *Innocence Or Money* is available for download!
Meet Jennifer
Innocence Or Money
Take control over Jennifer decisions in this Sandbox / Visual Novel game
The Pills
How the pills will keep affecting the world of IoM?

V 0.08 is Live!

V 0.08 (season 1) is already available for download!!!

V  0.08 is the last chapter of Season 1 of Innocence Or Money.
In season 2 the plot will continue, and we will see which paths Jen will follow…


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welcome to

IoM World

Innocence Or Money (IoM) is an interactive game that mix two genres, Sandbox and Visual Novel. It’s being developed by MarcialART and it can be played in almost any popular device/OS (PC / Windows / Linux / Android / Mac), it’s 100% funded by Patreons.

The MC is Jennifer, you will take decisions for her. Would you take her by a moral correct way of living or will you corrupt her to the bone and see how deep the rabbit hole goes? It will depend entirely on your choices! (I trust that you will chose the best options for her wellbeing)


Innocence or money

This game is being developed by MarcialART, the first release was on July 16 of 2021 for Windows / Linux / Android / Mac, I got many messages of support and encouragement to keep developing the game, so I decided to create a ‘serious’ and professional web site for it too 🙂

The dream is to offer a game that people worldwide will play! But… who is MarcialART? I’m a programmer that decided to use the knowledge that I’ve gathered thru years of studies, making websites, apps, helping companies, etc in something that is really helpful for the humanity, so I’m developing this game 🙂 I’m making this game in my free time after my day to day job, all the work and game is being funded by Patreons, even if I’m the one that is coding, designing, etc. there are people playing the game that are giving me great ideas and feedback, everyone of you are helping in making this game better, you people have my MOST SINCERE THANKS!

Female Main Protagonist

Jennifer will be the Main Character of the game, she will be able to interact with many more characters and you will decide what to do in many situations

I give you control over her because I trust that you won't lead her thru a Dark Path... right?

Amazing Visuals!

All images are rendered on 1080p Full HD quality, so expect top notch quality graphics!

And all the animations are rendered on 4K / 60fps quality!

One Hand Ready to Play

After years and years of research the results can't be better, this game is totally Optimized to be played with one hand!

Funded by Patreons

Innocence Or Money is funded by Patreons, they are the ones that make this game a reality, also they participate in the development of the game giving ideas and feedback. Thanks everyone for making this game grow!

Your support is what makes this game possible, as an indie developer your support means a lot so… the cast of IoM V 0.05 want to say, thank you!

Free Downloads

Steam Platform V 0.03

Includes Episodes 1 to 3 (Free Version)
Size: 4.01GB
Full HD Images 1080p
4K / 60fps Animations
Available in 30 languages
PC Windows Compatible
Linux Compatible
Music + Sounds in all the scenes
To download the Steam version, you must be logged in your account and you have to enable adult content in store preferences

Next Updates?

is marcialart working hard?

I’m Drinking a Lot of Coffee so i can guarantee that Innocence Or Money is an ongoing project. Season 2 is under active development. In each update the history will be developed further and sometimes even new characters and places will be added!

what people say?


"..Never has any game captured my interest so fast than playing Jennifer. The build up and progression of her character leading to its climax makes it so worthwhile that everyone is begging for new updates. Three thumbs up!"


Disi Innocence Or Money

"This is a great example of the female corruption genre. Lushly hot MC, high libido, and cast of characters encouraging her to exploit herself for pleasure and profit. The developer is dedicated and ambitious. A gem that shines brighter with each release!"


"IoM is so far my favorite Visual Novel,
MarcialART is not only is developing an
amazing game, the community around
his game is amazing, and the fact that
he spends lots of time talking with
his supporters make me love the game
even more. And Jennifer is so hooot..."


"I've played many AVNs of varying different degrees of quality, and IoM is definitely one of the best one's I've come across. It's refreshing to see one with a female player character, and the pacing is great in the fact that you aren't getting too much too quickly. The render quality of the scenes are great and I find the narrative quite enjoyable. Definitely worth at least checking out the free version on steam before considering a patreon pledge to get the rest of the story"


"Usually I'm not a fan of Sandbox Visual Novels, but Innocence Or Money has something that is different that got hooked me up to the game.

Great graphics, great gameplay, great charactes, great story, great music... overall everything is great.

This game is already becoming a masterpiece, keep the good work!"


"I was skeptical of this game at first since so many adult theme video games have been disappointing. However, once I played the first part, I was hooked! The story is well written that makes you come back for more. It also helps when the MC (Jen) is amazingly hot with overall outstanding graphics! The gameplay itself is intuitive and not clunky at all. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend!"


"...I like the progression system The game looks promising. Let's see how fast I hope the updates will not take too long..."


"...I must confess Jennifer is one of the most beautiful new character I saw on a long time... Oo Especially on the banner on your page in which she is casually lying... Wow ! Oo..."


"I really liked this game, the slow corruption, the very beautiful girl with a very nice body, I liked it very much.I really liked the story, the developer made a good effort to get a good story with a female protagonist..."


"...looks promising and unlike many other games it really has some good, creative introduction , a very clear hud and is smooth to navigate. great job on that!..."


"Innocence or Money has been a refreshing game with the right amount of teasing to keep you interested and wanting more. It’s a slow burn in the corruption, but makes you want to corrupt, Jen, the protagonist even more. She displays the right amount of innocence you’d expect as she progresses through the story in these different situations. The main objective is to either stay true to your innocence and protect her, but then money is hard to come by and the game turns more into a grind. If you chose money over her innocence, then money and options open up that create many interesting situations. - Also, what is super refreshing is how active the developer, MarcialART is in communicating with the supporters. Polls do show up every so often, but he has created a great atmosphere where supporters are able to share ideas and discuss openly. He truly has a great dedication to providing a phenomenal product with fantastic graphics, animations, and storyline. In addition to creating the environment where the supporters can discuss and visit with the creator of the game. Truly has been a one of a kind! This game and story has so much potential and MarcialART seems determined and invested in delivering!"


"Promising game. Always getting updated. Love how you can slowly change how the main character act though the game. The name of the game is prefect as you have to choose between staying innocent or going down the dark rabbit hole for money."


"Well, there are quite a few good things to say about the IoM. Interesting concept, nicely and well developed characters both in appearance and personality. The story also unfolds more and more and becomes even more interesting as you drift along with the story. A special plus point for the many selectable language settings, so many people can play in their native language. When translating more difficult languages that are not widely spoken (I speak Hungarian), there are some funny mistakes, but everything is still perfectly understandable. Nice work MarcialART"


"First of all I just discovered games for adults, and to be honest I didn't think I would get so attached to IoM. Jennifer's story is both fascinating and exciting, we understand what is behind the heads of the other characters and I find it incredible to make the (right choices), the IoM introduced me to a community incredible but above all a golden man to whom I care enormously today this man is MarcialART (GOAT)"